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Cobalt Wealth Management

Opportunity Overview

Cobalt Wealth Management is seeking experienced financial advisors who currently hold Series 7 and 66 or Series 65 registrations. We are a growing RIA firm located in the Pacific Northwest with clients in Washington State and Arizona. Operating both in-person as well as in the virtual space, the company has the ability to meet the needs of our generation X and Y clients as well as our clients moving into the retirement phase. We have the freedom to work with our clients in the most convenient manner possible, which adds convenience to your schedule and your potential for growth. If you are ready to work independently as a fee-only, fiduciary, financial planner, join us.

Learn more about our firm at www.cobaltwm.com and on Facebook @cobaltwm

Your Cobalt Wealth Management advisory practice is yours to grow with the autonomy to do what you love, work with your clients. We are seeking licensed finance professionals who are ambitious and looking for the freedom to manage your own practice the way that you have always wanted to, with the work-life balance that you deserve. Personal drive and relationship building are critical skills that will be used to build your practice. Cobalt does not believe in quotas or in burdensome oversight of your day to day operations. We operate as a team and grow as a team. Your practice can be as large or small as you like it to be. We don’t have products, and don’t sell products, we are fee-only, fiduciary financial planners who act in our client’s best interest always.

Our promise to you: Cobalt Wealth Management provides all of your technology and back office, including, your E&O Insurance, CRM, Custodian(TD Ameritrade),  Compliance, Archiving, Payment Processing, Rebalancing Software, Phone Line, Advertising, Web Presence, Social Media, leaving you free to work directly with your clients in full service fiduciary planning, investing, account opening, account monitoring, rebalancing, and growing your community practice. 

Cobalt Wealth Management Advisor Legacy Builder® advisors are partners in the practice and grow with the firm. Each ALB® has equity ownership in Cobalt Wealth Management, LLC that is vested over time with the firm. Our advisors can be compensated at 50%-60% of revenue brought into the firm. You get the freedom to be independent without the burden of running your own business. This is an opportunity for current financial advisors who are looking for freedom and autonomy without limits on growth potential.

Cost to start your practice: You pay a monthly fee to the company as you build your practice and equity in the firm. As your practice grows, you transition to an unprecedented 50%-60% payout of revenue that you produce with the firm. Initial cost: $1150/mo billed monthly or $12,000/year billed annually.

Begin working with your clients immediately after onboarding with Cobalt Wealth Management. Our goal is to have you and your new practice up and running in the least amount of time to ensure that you are able to work with your existing clients or bring in your prospects.


  • Current financial advisor
  • Entrepreneurial ambitions
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated
  • History of personal success
  • Honest, ethical and a strong sense of morality
  • Solid communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3-5 years’ experience
  • CFP Designation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field